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A successful and innovative company focusing on emerging media solutions.

DNA Digital provide expertise in all aspects of a development project from consulting and planning to the management, design, development and delivery. We also provide on-going support and infrastructure management. We specialise in adding value to companies and organisations via technology. This means you have a solution with one point of contact.

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Providing analysis, development and on-going support

DNA Digital specialises in delivering applications involving complex multi-system integrations and provide innovative, commercial solutions, making it easy for you to realise your business goals.


DNA Digital has spent a decade creating ROI focused, digital platforms that deliver tangible business results. Whether we are building an eCommerce site or one of our Estate Agency Websites, our solutions are designed to ensure your peace of mind.

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DNA Digital has identified and focused its attention on a critical bottleneck faced by countless businesses around the world. The flow of information within a business must be seamless — any interruption in this flow will ultimately cause business critical issues.

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DNA Digital has experience in IT and web solutions which puts us in a unique position to help organisations formulate a meaningful project requirement. The selection of a technology partner is critical to the success of your project and knowing the correct questions to ask comes from the experience on both sides of the table

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what makes us great

Our team is made up of senior individuals all working in online development since the early ‘90s. We understand the pitfalls and politics of development projects ranging from as low as £5k to £5m. Our team is made up of skilled professionals across multiple disciplines.

­—Part of the Emotio Design Group

client-focused approach 100%


what we do


Every business has a mission to understand and value in order to make it successful. At DNA we get to the very heart of your company’s needs to succeed.

bespoke applications

Bespoke software is software that is tailor made for the client, an exact fit with the client’s requirements, without the compromises of ‘Off the Shelf’ software.


We provide tailor-made ecommerce solutions for businesses of all sizes, so your business can profit and your customers can get exactly what they need.


Determining the best for CRM software solution is subject to your business objectives, but at DNA we can provide efficient services in both alternatives.

ux design

Your brand’s digital experience needs to be distinct, frictionless and no less than remarkable for your customers. Every element should engage.


Making our clients succeed is our main goal, that’s why we guide you through each step of the process and make sure your project is lead in the best way.


We are a constantly evolving company and will help you in keeping your business up-to-date with the latest technologies and mobile best practices.


We offer dedicated post-launch support to help all of our clients perform efficiently in leading their projects on their own and are always available to help.

What Our Customers Say

Some of the things our customers have said about us (and we tried not to blush!)…

It’s all too easy for a supplier to utter the magic words ‘it’s no problem, we can do that’, it’s something entirely different when they prove themselves time and time again, as DNA Digital has, by actually developing and delivering it. My favourite DNA quote is ‘Nothing is impossible, if it’s what the project needs then [we] will make sure [we] find a technical solution’ and they do! My experience of DNA has been that of a truly customer centric team.


DNA Digital has a measured and meticulous approach to both technology and business. This gives me the confidence that when [they commit] a task or project to be done, it will always be done. As one of DNA's clients, they impressed with not only the output of [their] technical solutions, but with the professional and positive way [they] handled challenging circumstances that were presented to [them]. I very much look forward to working with [them] again soon.


DNA Digital is a pleasure to work with and combines a professional approach to Development and Design. While teaming up on various projects DNA were very thorough and has a good eye for detail and functionality in development areas. [They] also have good UI and UX skills that help to develop web and phone app concepts from pen to paper to final artwork and live sites.


Damon led the development of our digital strategy from concept to implementation. Bringing his marketing expertise he understood the need for a user focused strategy that delivered business results cost effectively. A pleasure to work with, Damon also brings with him a team of talented and dedicated experts.

­—Mark Flannagan - RCGP

I was impressed with [their] professional work ethic, patience, flexibility to changes in requirements, and delivery of resolutions quickly and efficiently. I enjoyed collaborating] [and would do so again in the future.

­—Rehema Shabaya - RCGP

Thank you for being so consistently helpful and supportive and for designing such a lovely looking site. 

This is looking fabulous, thank you.


­—Caroline Copland - WAEllis


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