The Virtual Billboard will detect a phone up to 100m away and push it a notification.


Virtual Billboard takes advantage of Googles Nearby technology allowing you place an advert directly onto the mobile phones of passers by. Ideal for property, retail or event marketing.

91% of all Android phones out there today support the physical web! That means that all you have to do is place a Bluetooth Virtual Billboard beacon inside your location to engage anyone on Android! Virtual Billboards can also be used with iPhones but they will require an dedicated APP to receive your messages. With a variety of uses you can: promote property to passers-by, push marketing offers in retail environments, boosted interaction and social aspects of live meetings, enriching of live event experiences.



Our Virtual Billboard Beacon is built for tough environments. Its construction makes it shatter, water and dustproof. Its built-in mounting bracket makes it easy to fix it securely wherever you need it. It also has a battery life of up to 2 years. We also have other Beacon styles dependant on your final requirement.

Our team has an excellent reputation for innovating and commercialising digital solutions. We understand the value your online presence will offer site visitors and how your website can streamline internal operations and administrative tasks.  



The Virtual Billboard will detect a phone up to 100m away and push it a notification. Once the notification is sent to a phone, a user can read the message and view an associated webpage and/or landing page. This web page can carry standard cookies allowing you to enter that person into your remarketing funnel.

There is a major shift in adoption of location-based services that drive the beacon revolution in several verticals at the moment. Nearby Notifications from Google is one of those. Nearby is an Android feature which enables contextual discovery. Associate your website or app with a beacon and devices nearby will display the message in the Nearby section of Google Settings, light up the Nearby Quick Settings tile on supported devices, and promote messages that perform well as notifications. We don’t detect or get data from a device, and Google handles the GDPR permission on their Nearby App.


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